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New range of canned motor pump sealless without system of mechanical seals totally leak-proof to the atmosphere

With its strong know-how in manufacturing of specific pumps for chemical, oil & gas and nuclear industries. OPTIMEX is thinking back completely design of its chemical standardized pumps.

OPTIMEX is happy to introduce its new range of product named CNS: Chemical Normalized Series according to ISO 2858 and ISO 15783.

The objective was to propose a sealless solution in canned motor pump, with a strong quality but at economic price with a fast availability. A long period of reflection and design had been necessary for thinking back from A to Z the construction of machine.

We kept all important parts who defined OPTIMEX pumps like standardization of spare parts or leak proof feedthrough warranting the sealing of second containment to the atmosphere.
This machine can be used for pumping all dangerous liquid like CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagen, Reprotoxic) products, or all liquefied gas with low vapor pressure point and negative pumping temperature.

OPTIMEX made the choice to propose only material in stainless steel 316 in order to have a good corrosion resistance, a good mechanical resistance in low temperature and a universal use to reduce number of model in warehouse.

OPTIMEX motor are designed for hazardous area from class temperature T3 to T6.
Some different construction options are available like control of leakage of secondary containment, control of mobile position, or indicator of motor rotation. It is also possible to add a discharge tangential filter for a better protection of bearings in dirty application.

Discover our new canned motor pump sealles:

canned motor pump without mechanical seals

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